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january 2019 quotes

  1. "Patents, for example, are overwhelmingly filed by people in their 40s, while the best managers tend to be neither too young nor too old." Barrons
  2. "That practice really stunts the compounding effect that makes it possible to fund a long retirement." Barrons
  3. "For certain brands of cars (usually Japanese) I personally prefer to buy new since they seem to hold their value quite well and so are less of a "deal" when buying used. Also those types of cars are leased less often so you see fewer vehicles in the market that fit the gently used "3 years or less" category." Bogleheads
  4. "It has two enormous hits to its name in Toutiao/TopBuzz (basically a Facebook feed of news and entertainment but without the friend-posted content) and Douyin/TikTok (Vine but with a much richer content environment and better recommendations)." Foreign Policy
  5. "Second, he doesn't try to set out an absolute, formalistic, fully internally consistent system of ethical principles - instead, he embraces an eclectic, often conflicting set of principles. " Noahpinon
  6. " Since profs don't usually fund econ students out of grants (few even have big grants), econ grad students mostly pay their way by teaching...In a lab science, in contrast, you are encouraged to burrow down in your area of hyper-specialization." Noahpinion
  7. "=INDEX(B9:FL9,MATCH(TRUE,B9:FL9>0,0)) confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER not just ENTER." ExcelForum
  8. " In fact, I would say chapsticks lesbians are the vainest of us all." GOMAG
  9. "Ashley’s opera sounds like a stoned burnout reading the phone book, and yet it’s mesmerizing." Pitchfork
  10. "In all seriousness, we cannot plan for the worst because in the worst case scenarios, we could not do anything meaningful to improve the situation." Bogleheads
  11. "Years ago, a young marketing whiz named Mark Montini taught me an equation to explain the necessary ingredients for developing a persuasive message: M=EC3, or Message = Emotion x Contrast x Connection x Credibility." Daily Best

book wishlist

  1. Anne Salmond. Between Worlds: Early Exchanges Between Maori and Europeans, 1773-1815. New York Review of books