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sacramento kings

  1. 11/25/18 at Golden State. L 117-116. Durant had 44. Thompson had a late put-back to win. Lots of young talent on the Kings may lead to a revival of the rivalry.

portland trail blazers

  1. 11/24/18 at Golden State. L 125-97 Swanigan 3+ minutes. Golden State broke a four-game losing streak, although Curry and Green still didn't play. 

oklahoma city thunder

  1. 11/22/18 Oklahoma State City 123 @ Golden State 95. The Thunder routed the Warriors in the fourth quarter, the night before Thanksgiving, for their fourth straight loss. Green and Curry did not play due to injury. Laura wasn't interested in the game.

movies - november 2018

  1. The Americanization of Emily (1964). A dark comedy set in World War II England, the film is a confusing blend of sentimentality, iconoclasm, and behind-the-scenes look at pre-D-Day Navy preparations. James Garner is a not completely unappealing scoundrel; Julie Andrews is a not completely-unappealing navy chauffeur and war victim. The ending is not predictable, yet not satisfying either.
  2. How to Murder Your Wife (1965). In a farce of marginal quality that is surprisingly stereotyped on gender, Jack Lemmon is an unappealing scoundrel and comic strip writer. Virna Lisi is appealing. he Neal Hefti hippity-hoppity score is maybe worth another listen.

sports - november 2018

  1. Purdue loss to Virginia Tech in the Charleston Classic final, after leading at half-time. Edwards had a tremendous drive and dunk. Boudreaux looks good as a transfer from Dartmouth.
  2. Purdue loss to Wisconsin 47-44 in West Lafayette, in triple-overtime.
  3. Robert Morris at Purdue. Win 84-46. On TuneIn. Larry Clisby sounds slower since his cancer treatment and wasn't ready at the beginning of the second half. 300th Purdue win for Matt Painter. Robert Morris not in Chicago. Cline was 5 for 7 from three.
  4. Golden state loss away to San Antonio. They closed to within five then lost anyway. Thompson and Durant still not shooting well. 
  5. Golden State loss away to Dallas 112-109, without Steph Curry or Draymond Green. Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant didn't play well enough to win. 


  1. Everywhere You Turn - The Bad Plus
  2. Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
  3. Stolen Moments - Freddie Hubbard
  4. The Unavailable Memory of - John Cage, Alexei Lubimov
  5. Utopia and Visions - Don Cherry
  6. Fantasy - Alan Hovhaness, Alessandra Pompili
  7. Shalimar - Fantasy - Alan Hovhaness, Alessandra Pompili
  8. The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven - The Black Angels
  9. Kid - Aaron Parks
  10. Good Morning - Aaron Parks