notable tracks

various artists

  1. Broken Bells. Greta Van Fleet - Broken Bells.
  2. Sequent C' - Steven Wilson 2019 Stereo Remix. Tangerine Dream, Steven Wilson - In Search of Hades - The Virgin Recordings 1973 - 1979
  3. Vad Hande Med Dem? The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Revelation
  4. Nightmare Voodoo. Royal Baths - Better Luck Next Life
  5. In Fields Abroad. William Byrd, Fretwork, Grace Davidson, Alamire David Skinner - In Fields Abroad

album list

  1. Simple Requests: New American Music for Computer and Live Performances - Jeffrey Stolet, Evan Chambers, Peter Terry, Rodney Oakes, Richard Lyons, Stella Sung -  [1995 Cambria]. Spotify has the wrong album, compared to the CD. Interrupted Dances (1989) by Keith Kothman is the pick here. He studied at UC San Diego and is now at Western Michigan (in Kalamazoo!).

movie log 2021

  1. Things to Come (2016) - The Criterion Channel.  Isabelle Huppert's life quickly declines but the movie is matter-of-fact rather than overly sentimental. "The future seems compromised." There's a quick scene where she is watching a Juliette Binoche movie. Schubert over the credits? ⭐
  2. Whirlpool (1950) - DVD. Otto Preminger, Gene Tierney, Jose Ferrer, Richard Conte.  If I believed in the power of hypnotism, this would have been a good movie. Are her sleep problems indicative of a deeper problem in her marriage, or not? Maybe just kleptomania. A psychological and handsome noir with Tierney as an innocent, feminine and confused beauty, although the New York Times said she was "haughty." Richard Schickel commentary.
  3. The Underneath (1995). Super-tense, with an unsatisfying ending. Good shooting, film-wise. Re-make of  Criss Cross. Steven Soderbergh, Peter Gallagher, Allison Elliott, Paul Dooley, Joe Don Baker and Andjjenette Comer
  4. Veronika Voss (1982). Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Interesting and unsatisfying movie. Bad deeds go unpunished.
  5. Amazing Adventure (1936). Alfred Zeisler, Cary Grant, Mary "The Sweetest Girl in Pictures" Brian. Stove selling and fighting among other activities on his way back up.
  6. Martha (1974). Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Incongruous, strange and with marital servitude.

san francisco giants home runs - 2020

Spring training

  • 3: Dubon (1), Bart (1), Howard (1). L Dodgers
  • 4: Avelino (1). W @Athletics
  • 5: Crawford (1). T Brewers
  • 6: Ruf (1). W @Royals
  • 7: Miller (1). L Angels
  • 9: Posey (1), Dubon (2). L Padres

january 2019 quotes

  1. "Patents, for example, are overwhelmingly filed by people in their 40s, while the best managers tend to be neither too young nor too old." Barrons
  2. "That practice really stunts the compounding effect that makes it possible to fund a long retirement." Barrons
  3. "For certain brands of cars (usually Japanese) I personally prefer to buy new since they seem to hold their value quite well and so are less of a "deal" when buying used. Also those types of cars are leased less often so you see fewer vehicles in the market that fit the gently used "3 years or less" category." Bogleheads
  4. "It has two enormous hits to its name in Toutiao/TopBuzz (basically a Facebook feed of news and entertainment but without the friend-posted content) and Douyin/TikTok (Vine but with a much richer content environment and better recommendations)." Foreign Policy
  5. "Second, he doesn't try to set out an absolute, formalistic, fully internally consistent system of ethical principles - instead, he embraces an eclectic, often conflicting set of principles. " Noahpinon
  6. " Since profs don't usually fund econ students out of grants (few even have big grants), econ grad students mostly pay their way by teaching...In a lab science, in contrast, you are encouraged to burrow down in your area of hyper-specialization." Noahpinion
  7. "=INDEX(B9:FL9,MATCH(TRUE,B9:FL9>0,0)) confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER not just ENTER." ExcelForum
  8. " In fact, I would say chapsticks lesbians are the vainest of us all." GOMAG
  9. "Ashley’s opera sounds like a stoned burnout reading the phone book, and yet it’s mesmerizing." Pitchfork
  10. "In all seriousness, we cannot plan for the worst because in the worst case scenarios, we could not do anything meaningful to improve the situation." Bogleheads
  11. "Years ago, a young marketing whiz named Mark Montini taught me an equation to explain the necessary ingredients for developing a persuasive message: M=EC3, or Message = Emotion x Contrast x Connection x Credibility." Daily Best

book wishlist

  1. Anne Salmond. Between Worlds: Early Exchanges Between Maori and Europeans, 1773-1815. New York Review of books

sacramento kings

  1. 11/25/18 at Golden State. L 117-116. Durant had 44. Thompson had a late put-back to win. Lots of young talent on the Kings may lead to a revival of the rivalry.

portland trail blazers

  1. 11/24/18 at Golden State. L 125-97 Swanigan 3+ minutes. Golden State broke a four-game losing streak, although Curry and Green still didn't play. 

oklahoma city thunder

  1. 11/22/18 Oklahoma State City 123 @ Golden State 95. The Thunder routed the Warriors in the fourth quarter, the night before Thanksgiving, for their fourth straight loss. Green and Curry did not play due to injury. Laura wasn't interested in the game.

movies - november 2018

  1. The Americanization of Emily (1964). A dark comedy set in World War II England, the film is a confusing blend of sentimentality, iconoclasm, and behind-the-scenes look at pre-D-Day Navy preparations. James Garner is a not completely unappealing scoundrel; Julie Andrews is a not completely-unappealing navy chauffeur and war victim. The ending is not predictable, yet not satisfying either.
  2. How to Murder Your Wife (1965). In a farce of marginal quality that is surprisingly stereotyped on gender, Jack Lemmon is an unappealing scoundrel and comic strip writer. Virna Lisi is appealing. he Neal Hefti hippity-hoppity score is maybe worth another listen.

sports - november 2018

  1. Purdue loss to Virginia Tech in the Charleston Classic final, after leading at half-time. Edwards had a tremendous drive and dunk. Boudreaux looks good as a transfer from Dartmouth.
  2. Purdue loss to Wisconsin 47-44 in West Lafayette, in triple-overtime.
  3. Robert Morris at Purdue. Win 84-46. On TuneIn. Larry Clisby sounds slower since his cancer treatment and wasn't ready at the beginning of the second half. 300th Purdue win for Matt Painter. Robert Morris not in Chicago. Cline was 5 for 7 from three.
  4. Golden state loss away to San Antonio. They closed to within five then lost anyway. Thompson and Durant still not shooting well. 
  5. Golden State loss away to Dallas 112-109, without Steph Curry or Draymond Green. Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant didn't play well enough to win. 


  1. Everywhere You Turn - The Bad Plus
  2. Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
  3. Stolen Moments - Freddie Hubbard
  4. The Unavailable Memory of - John Cage, Alexei Lubimov
  5. Utopia and Visions - Don Cherry
  6. Fantasy - Alan Hovhaness, Alessandra Pompili
  7. Shalimar - Fantasy - Alan Hovhaness, Alessandra Pompili
  8. The Sniper at the Gates of Heaven - The Black Angels
  9. Kid - Aaron Parks
  10. Good Morning - Aaron Parks

august 2018 movies

  1. The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009). Tense but unsatisfying remake. Denzel Washington is no hero exactly just as John Travolta doesn't convey real derangement.
  2. - The Tarnished Angels (1956). Dorothy Malone, Rock Hudson, and Robert Stack.

book log - feb 2018

  1. Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies - Ann Hornaday
    • "Before you write any review," David told me, "ask yourself three questions: 'What was the artist trying to achieve?' 'Did they achieve it?' And 'Was it worth doing?'"
  2. Mischka's War: A Story of Survival from War-torn-Europe to New York - Sheila Fitzpatrick
    • "Not that I'm saying he was wrong, but the judgement was axiomatic rather than derived from observation."
  3. Lauras - E.G. Vodolazkin

listening log - february 3, 2018

  1. Seth Cluett - Forms of Forgetting [2014]. 56 minutes of throbbing electro-sounds.
  2. David Lang, Maya Beiser, Kate Valik - The Day [2018]. I listened to music of text and cello.
  3. Murder Is By Beat - Classic Film Noir Themes and Scenes. Themes and scenes.
  4. The Best Collection Sound of Bali. Variety of non-soothing music.
  5. Petridisch - Clocks [2018 Metropolitan State Productions]. Including Glass Clock (Modern Love Waltz).

links - january 20, 2018

  1. A five-act dramatic structure works better for television. Vox
  2. Ex-Purdue basketball player Caleb Swanigan plays for the G-League Canton Charge and A.J. Hammons for the Sioux Falls Skyforce. Hammer and Rails
  3. "What’s that old saying — if you’re explaining, you’re losing?" Balloon Juice
  4. "Want to see agencies like HHS protect rights of conscience? Don’t raise a ruckus about hookups". National Review
  5. "In her first film at Warners, “The Big Sleep,” she was cast as a bookshop clerk who is questioned by Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart)." San Francisco Chronicle. Dorothy Malone died.