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January 05, 2011



I 'm not sure how one inflects things into other things, but...

The first time I had a chance to hear the Double Sextet (It was presentation at University X, with the maestro), I couldn't help but think that this "doubling back," as gapplegate puts it, diminishes the validity of Taruskin's aggrandizement of Reich (Oxford History of Western Music): "[...] Schoenberg (like Cage) purported to liberate sounds, Reich (like a sixties agitator) was out to liberate people" (p372). In my estimation, both these assessments can not coexist, unless Taruskin concedes that a once great liberator can become part of a conservative establishment.

This reminds me of that now commonplace argument that the great 60s experiment had a short shelf life; and many of those who participated woke up, shook off the hangover only to discover some harsh realities.

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