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October 15, 2006


M. Keiser

Maybe im just an idealist, but Beethoven isnt just a european composer, and i cringe every time i hear him in connection with the old-order or old-world. His music has so much rebellious spirit that i know he wouldnt approve of being part of the establishment or being "classical". Ives' favorite, afterall, and for good reason.

Herb Levy

I'm not sure exactly what M Keiser's complaining about, or more accurately, why Keiser is complaining about it in this context.

Perhaps M doesn't understand that a list of what Robert listens to via iTunes is exactly that, nothing more or less.

Unless, of course, Keiser thinks that everyone should listen to Beethoven more than any other composer regardless of their own personal taste, which is the kind of reasoning I'm more used to seeing from fans of the Beatles, but hey.

As to your non-classical iTunes items not having composer tags: you do know that you could fix that, right?


What im responding to is "(aka classical music's most revered composer)" and i have read several times of the distaste for the old european order... but thats not in this post, anyway. But i suppose mostly its the fact that i cridge at that statement, that association in fact with beethoven and "classical music". Sure, commonly accepted definition, but it brings to mind all these terrible associations of the old world. I was probably reading too much out of it and assuming too much when i posted that.

And i probably listen to beethoven a lot less than philip glass or Animal collective, doesnt mean i dont think highly of beethoven or think people should listen to it more than anyone else. Did i write that in my comment? no, i believe that was an assumption... worse than my assumption of what mr. gable's comment meant. I do think people should at least know some beethoven beyond fur elise. But its not my loss if someone dislikes beethoven, or doesnt know beethoven, its not my loss if someone doesnt like the beetles, either, im just pointing out that the old order and beethoven are two things i object to being put together in the same definition.


And im a visiter from france! woot.

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