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July 18, 2006



hey, i saw your link in my wordpress dashboard. i like your take on the "friday random ten" concept. in fact, i like your random ten better than my last few entries. :)

i have to say that yours is probably one of the most interesting and informative music blogs i've seen, and quite possibly the only one anywhere that mentioned samuel barber and radiohead in the same entry.


M. Keiser

maybe not greatest acheivement, but certainly important.

Have you heard Sail to the moon yet? thats a great piece.

and summer music is my favorite work from the early post-war period. I say masterpiece, but whatever.


Timbre and effects are key. There's a reason why Radiohead often play dub reggae before and after their concerts.

Yes, Christopher O'Riley's versions are absurd, and that's a big reason why; he attempts to make up for the lack of electronic timbral quality with lots of "shimmery" arpeggios a la Nyman's The Piano. Meanwhile, have you heard Brad Mehldau's "Paranoid Android"? Good piano jazz version. Produced by Jon Brion.

Agreed with M. Keiser on "Sail to the Moon;" not only does it not skimp on the sonic elements, it's got a lovely tune.


The first time I heard Turangalila I was sick in bed with the flu. It was my first year in Massachusetts, and I was listening to the WGBH fund raiser. They were playing archived concert recording of the BSO, and someone requested the BSO/Ozawa performance of the Messiaen. I was knocked out, wowed, overwhelmed. It must have been from a performance from before 1976, but I don't know exactly when.

Parker Catalano

Radiohead fucking rules. It's great to see that some bands are still drawing their main influences from the right places. When a guitarist gains his/her passion from classical roots, you know you've got a winner. This much can be said about Johnny Greenwood as well as much more. And Thom recognizing Miles just goes to show why the vocals in his solo album are the shit.

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