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April 11, 2006


Mister Bijou

Pete Brown? Name rang a bell. But google/wikipedia are our friends.

Try: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pete_Brown

Less than stellar Willie the Pimp? I assume the good Captain was not on stage. Were Captain B and Frank still talking to each other? I'd love to be able to help you further . . . But I am more of a Beefheartist than Zappologist (although I do have a soft spot for Zappa's Uncle Meat).

They did fall out. That, I know. But it's a long time ago to remember in detail the lives of other people. More so when it was all gleaned at that time in London courtesy of Rolling Stone. A lot of water and other stuff has since passed under the bridge, et cetera. Maybe someone else remembers/knows. I hope they post.

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