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November 03, 2005


Michael J. West

Perhaps classical music lacks buzz because it's intellectually stimulating. Popular music is (largely) also populist music, in that it appeals to the least common denominator and goes for the gut. Classical, especially contemporary classical, tends to aim for the intellect...which most people, frankly, have no use for.

(Pop, of course, has plenty of intellectual properties too, but on the surface much of it is very visceral.)

Make sense?


I believe that both types of music are valuable. Pop is called pop because it is popular. That seems obvoius but we need to remember that when classical music was being written, it was the pop music. It was fresh and new to the listeners. The composers of this style came up with new things to do and new ways to play almost every time they wrote a piece. While classical music may not be popular today, it's value comes from it's beauty and historical depth.

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