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November 07, 2005


richard friedman

The Yellow Shark album of Zappa music for Ensemble Moderne is a classic. But thanks for pointing this one out.. I didn't know about it.

The tragic thing about Frank was that he died when he did, just as he was turning away from R&R and more towards serious composing. Maybe it's part of getting old? We get serious.

But Zappa composed everything. All the parts for all the rock albums... everything was composed out. I've seen some of the early manuscripts. This is no garage band musician.

Frank's interest in Varese also came early. Had he been born at a different time I think he would never had gone down the rocky path. It did get tiresome after the first couple of albums.

But Yellow Shark shows he really had the chops for serious composition, altho he couldn't supress the Spike Jones in him.

His illness and death was a real tragedy and our loss.

But Zappa post-modern? Nah. I see him closer to Harry Partch in that all Frank's music was theater of some sort, like Partch.

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