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October 23, 2005


M. C-

i figured you'd be there! too bad we didn't meet up; would have loved to compare notes on-site.

I agree about the ghastly libretto, but Teller isn't actually a government guy - he's a civilian physicist, like many others on the Manhattan project a Jewish refugee. I'm curious to read the text - it seemed to me that a lot of Teller's lines weren't really consistent with his character and I wondered if Sellars had reassigned some quotes.

Lisa Hirsch

I'm puzzled by Adams's correspondent's claim that "there is no historical proof to indicate Oppenheimer had, er, marital relations," considering that Robert and Kitty had two children.


The first kid does not count as 'marital relations' as Kitty was married indeed, but not to Oppenheimer at the time...

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