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October 16, 2005


M. Keiser

Good post, imformative and clear. I get a better picture by reading this one post about what the opera isnt, then by reading multiple sprawling texts about what the opera is. thanks.


Note that the bomb on the stage is actually a pretty accurate rendition of the original. It really looked like a Christmas ornament. The tower is also pretty accurate (even the sheets through which oppie goes at the end of act I were there). For a glimpse of what it looked like then, you can rent the documentary 'atomic cafe'.

Lisa Hirsch

Why do we care about Gen. Groves's diet? That section has two functions, I think -

- Humanizing him after what we initially see of him

- Providing a moment of calm and repose before "Batter my heart."

That doesn't exactly answer your question, but I found that I cared.

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