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August 14, 2004



I may be remembering this completely wrong, but I think I remember Tiesto playing a remix of the Albinoni Adagio too - which I have to say didn't really work that well.


Ok, that would explain why I also got some Albinoni referrers this weekend as well, based on a quote in http://rgable.typepad.com/aworks/2004/06/adagio_for_stri.html.


I thought it was a remix of the Albinoni piece as well which I thought was conspicuous as the Americans made their entrance. That piece is recognizable from "Platoon" (and maybe "Gallipoli"?) in a gruesome 'horror of war' scene and I can't help wondering if the reference was intentional?

Maybe I'm nuts. Would it be too difficult to mix that in on the fly, cued by the Americans' entrance?

(Got here through Google).

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