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June 27, 2004


Richard Carter

I don't think it was ever released commercially, but BBC Radio 3 in the UK broadcast a superb performance of 'Coming together' (I think it was in the 1970s) from a performance given at the Huddersfield Festival). Rzewski was the narrator, and he was accompanied by the Dutch group Hoketus.

I have a poor and incomplete version on tape, and have been trying to persuade the BBC to rebroadcast it so I can hear it again properly, but they’re much too keen on putting out World Music and other trendy but useless stuff.

If you get a chance to hear the Huddersfield version, I strongly recommend it!

Richard Carter

Alan Morse Davies

I second Richard's opinion on the Hoketus performance - it's outstanding. I had taped it onto chrome cassette and listened to it for many years, but the tape has now almost completely degraded, alas!

Ian Taylor

Yes, it was a brilliant performance. I wasn't present but remember many comments about the volume- it was loud! I did record it on Radio 3 but lent it to one of my music students at St Johns in York. It never came back. The Huddersfield concert inspired a performance of Coming Together I was involved in at the then Arts Centre in York (now a trendy bar) with Christopher Fox narrating. The concert also included Terry Riley's 'In C'.


I too was mesmerized by the Huddersfield Music Festival performance of "Coming Together". Perhaps the folks who commented above also remember the other pieces performed by Hoketus that evening which included Michael Nyman's "Think Slow, Act Fast" and Louis Andriessen's Hoketus. IIRC, the latter was humourously introduced by the BBC Radio 3 presenter (on Music In our Time) something like: "it's loud, earthy, and has a tendency towards the rock idiom. That was a Radio 3 Health Warning!"


i too have a worn-out taped version from radio 3 but mine is with ensemble modern and igor (someone), before it got too degraded i digitised it so i can mail it to anyone if you're interested.
if anyone does persuade radio3 to rebroadcast it pls give me a mail

andrew(at) myname .co.uk

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