One-Line Bio

robert gable is a modest musical enthusiast who can be reached via robert.gable at gmail dot com.


or rather, the aworks weblog principles:

-Posts are organized and titled by work, rather than by composer or CD or aesthetic position, as life is ultimately about the music (even if harder to write about). Also, this results in better Google search rank, which is what it's really about. (Just kidding).

-I seek out everyone's opinions and preferences on this music, regardless of level of musical knowledge, aesthetic judgment, country of residence, or blogging host provider.

-Categories are by period in American history, based on the book "The Fourth Turning", by William Strauss and Neil Howe. I subscribe to this theory even though the people on the message boards are as scary as they are intelligent.

-I get negligible income from people clicking on the Amazon links, CD covers, and Google ads. However, any and all funds received will be strictly applied to the Nonesuch/John Adams Completist Sustaining CD Fund.

-The format tries to balance the needs of HTML browsers, syndicated feed readers, linksters, content aggregators, one-time googlers, MP3 seekers, and all otherwise normal people, to the likely detriment of all.

-The outside (musical) world will bleed into this weblog although I haven't yet figured out a good form for it.

-In the grand scheme of things, all American classical music is new and some of it will endure.

Sporadic links and notes are on the aworks collection


rgable's current interests include american classical music, dachshunds, and staying employed in the american economy. with his family, he lives at 1331 american way, menlo park ca 94025, usa, near the old henry cowell homestead.