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I've enjoyed your countdown to Lala's end... if I remember right, it was your blog that led me to lala in the first place.

I've been testing MOG out and went ahead and purchased a subscription. I find it less navigable than lala for classical music - and, to some degree, for all genres - but the catalog has been pretty strong overall. Unfortunately, the social network aspect of lala is not nearly as immediate or accessible on mog... I'm convinced this is primarily due to the way pages are structured rather than any actual deficiency in content.

I initially used lala to discover new music, quickly found it useful for listening to much of my collection, and soon shifted over to using primarily lala (rather than any other service *or* my cds). While MOG seems to be a possible substitute... so far, it's coming up a bit short. Still, for the price (which I think is exceptionally low), it's doing what it needs to do (until it improves or something better comes along).

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