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Just as I found Lala, it got sucked away!


I just discovered mp3tunes.com & their music locker deal. Right now, you can request a free, 10GB account. You can put ANY music here, so if you make your own, it's quite convenient.

If you get that, you can use the Airband iphone/ipod touch app. to stream your music. So far, it seems pretty good.

Eric Freeman

Grooveshark is a halfway decent alternative to lala. The catalog isn't as deep, but you can at least find one recording of most pieces. At SFCV, we are probably going to convert all our lala tracks to Grooveshark. My only concern is that it too will go away. We are waiting to see what snApple comes up with. I doubt it will be as good as lala, but there might be something there.

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