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m. Keiser

i wasnt a fan of pandora when i tried it. Didnt workout to bring me anything i really enjoyed... but then again that was a long time ago, maybe it works better now? i just know i typed in stuff like "john adams" or "julia wolf" and i got Bec, or something like that. bleah. I would much rather choose to get musical suggestions from a human than a computer. Speaking of that, hows mochipet,utah saints and fountains of wayne? never heard of those guys.


Mochipet was the techno guy arranged by Alarm Will Sound. Utah Saints was a 1990s dance CD I picked up recently for $1. Fountains of Wayne are recent vintage rock; not bad.

e cigarettes

Pandora rocks... It takes a while to get used to it. But when you did you can find some great music.

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