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richard friedman

The 1941 proto-minimalism really isn't proto, or minimalist. It's one of those rare recordings of the music of Canadian Colin McPhee, who "discovered" Balinese music for the rest of us. It's part of his Suite in 6 Movements (from 1946). McPhee's time spent in Bali in the 30's (see his amazing A House In Bali, his memoir that may have been an influence for the musical South Pacific, or not) greatly changed his musical outlook and resulted in many Balinese-inspired pieces, including the one orchestral piece that he is most noted for, Tabu-Tabuhan. Unfortunately, he was before his time and no one seemed interested in what he was doing. His untimely end, depressed and impoverished, was a tragedy. Speed ahead to the 1970's and Balinese music is rediscovered, and now everyone is in a gamelan orchestra and can spell slendro. Very tragic figure, McPhee. There ARE a few recent recordings of his piano music. I've been looking for a work for flute and piano that I heard once maybe 25 years ago and never again.

richard friedman

Actually, come to think of it, the real "proto-minimalist" piece is Koechlin's Les Heures Persanes.

richard friedman

Sorry, forgot to add, Les Heures Persanes, a suite of 16 short pieces invoking Pierre Loti's diary of a 2 month trip thru Persia in 1904 was written in 1913. There's a recording by Kathryn Stott on Chandos.


KF Whitman has been an indie-music fave for awhile, thanks largely to Pitchfork's (!!!) love of him (Dusted, too). They interviewed him (http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/feature/37001/Interview_Interview_Keith_Fullerton_Whitman) awhile back. I suspect he's the most popular new music artist among indie kids, but can't say for sure.

Love the site, btw.


I'll keep on searching about this site.

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