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richard friedman

The current state of affairs with bay area radio stations is worse than abysmal. So bad that I removed the FM tuner from my sound system and replaced it with Igor, the music server...a revived old iMac connected to my DSL network with access to hundreds of internet stations via Live365, the BBC Radio 3, and others.

The only local radio programs playing new music worth listening to are on KALW 91.7. Namely, Sarah Cahill's THEN AND NOW, Sunday nights 8-10p, and my own (of course), MUSIC FROM OTHER MINDS Friday 11p PT. Each week's MFOM program is available for streaming for the week following broadcast via http://rchrd.com/mfom/mfom.m3u. Current program includes Evan Ziporyn's PONDOK (played by Sarah!), Lucky Mosko's INDIGENOUS MUSIC, and part 4 of Cages MUSIC OF CHANGES.

(Couldn't resist the shameless self promotion)


I have such fond memories of KFJC. I listened to them all the time when I was a teen. I remember being 14 years old hearing "Lecture on Nothing" for the first time. I had no idea what it was, but it made me just stop everything and listen to. They played stuff that mind-blowing all the time. I used to stay up late to listen to noise music at like 2:00 AM. And surf music on sunday afternoons. (Almost) every genre of music that I like now, I first heard on KFJC. They were the best radio station ever. Hopefully, they still are.


My sentiments _exactly_.
The low end of the dial is where it's at. KFJC, by the way, is still broadcasting strong at 89.7 fm and the internet (see our music reviews!) at www.kfjc.org.

-Cujo, KFJCer (you quoted me for your Unanswered Question entry!)

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