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The eighth blackbird version is indeed misguided. (This group consistently fails to record as well as they perform live; too heavily edited perhaps?) The best Coming Together I've heard on CD is by the stalwart Talujon Percussion Quartet — a clip may be found here: http://www.talujon.org/sound.shtml.


I have to say: I'm not so into what I heard of this record. The Les Mouton verison is so cringingly genteel! I mean, this is Fred in his non-hierarchical, Marxist, countercultural prime. There should be some vim and vigor, and 8bb plays it all "chamber music-y". I've played the with a 10-piece brass band, and, barring the inevitable embouchure-resting dropping out, it was as raucous, ugly, and exhilirating as M. Rzewski intended. To make a version that sounds preprogrammed rather than approaching it with the spontaneity and abberance inherent to the instructions is just boring and misses the point completely. And the Coming Together.............

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