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I heard a rumor that Rzewski may release his scores under a creative commons license.

Jason Hibbard

The times I've seen it psuedo-phonetically spelled it's been as ZHEV-skee. Also, it's true that Rzewski has embrace the Copyleft concept. He says, "But here is how I understand it, in a nutshell: anyone can copy my music (those pieces that are not already published, that is [i.e., the piano works pub'd by Zen-on]) as long as they identify the composer, don't claim authorship themselves, and allow others freely to make copies of their copies." [See http://jennylin.net for this statement and directions for requesting works. From Ms. Lin's menu, click Share, then Ad-lib.] Also, this URL (http://icking-music-archive.org/ByComposer/Rzewski.html) has PDF versions of Les Moutons, No Place To Go But 'Round, and Mayn Yingle. From other things I've read, getting scores directly from Rzewski (or his management) isn't difficult, though there will be a nominal fee for copying, labor, and postage - most likely a small price to acquire the score to something like The Road or De Profundis.

Jason Hibbard

Forgot this article from NewMusicBox: http://newmusicbox.org/page.nmbx?id=28nw08 - a little more about Copyleft, featuring the Rzewski photo where he looks like actor Jonathan Pryce in a wind machine.

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