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Nancy Pelton

Where can I purchase a copy of "Sun Rings" by Terry Riley, performed by Kronos Quartet?


The Kronos Quartet website (http://www.kronosquartet.org/talk.htm) says there are no plans to record it, but I think this would be quite successful if they did.

Note that via Singingfish (http://singingfish.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?query=terry+riley+kronos+quartet&category=all+Categories&encoding=mpthree&encoding=quicktime&encoding=real&encoding=windows&bitrate=28.8K&bitrate=56K+&bitrate=128K&bitrate=256K&bitrate=300K&audiovideo=audio&audiovideo=video&reqall=true&adv=true) there are more Real samples of the work on kqed.org. I can't find those samples by searching the site directly, though.

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